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How to use Slingshot Roulette

screenshotSlingshot Roulette is designed to help you find the perfect game for your requirements without the need for a long, drawn-out internet search. Whereas before you might have had to spend hours checking dozens of options before you settled upon a site you were happy with, now we have collected all the data together on one page, allowing you to make your choice quickly and easily.

Each site that features the game is listed, along with any introductory deals they may have. Finding a good welcome offer can see your game get off to a good start, with perks such as free bets giving you the chance to potentially start winning before laying down any of your own money. And comparisons are quick and easy, meaning you can find yourself at a table within minutes.

Visitors will also receive lots of helpful tips on how to play, including a short guide to the rules of roulette and the various bets that can be made. First-time roulette players will have no problem getting up and running, while our online roulette page details the advantages of Slingshot Roulette's computerised ball launching system over other forms of the game for experienced players.

More features of Slingshot Roulette

As well as helping you find details of the best places to play Slingshot Roulette online, we provide a selection of extra features to further improve your experience. Browse the latest news section to keep up to date with recent game developments and where you can play, along with more general articles and information about roulette.

Lastly, the have your say page is where roulette fans take over, as we invite you to broadcast your thoughts on the best places to play the game, as well as sharing stories of your latest win with your fellow players.