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What's happening in the world of Slingshot Roulette?

This is where you'll find all the latest news about Slingshot Roulette, such as updates to the game and new places to play. You can also expect to find articles on anything else you need to know about online Slingshot Roulette and the various other versions of this much-loved casino classic.

British bookmaker predicts mobile casino gaming boom

Posted by Bob Butler on the 27th of March

Victor Chandler predicts more to come from mobile Prominent British bookie Victor Chandler has said he sees mobile continuing to play a big role in the online gaming business, saying companies have "barely scratched the surface" of the medium. Mr Chandler, who oversees the popular BetVictor gaming empire, is known in the...

Famous mathematician reveals Roulette secret

Posted by Timothy McJimothy on the 26th of October

Long standing Roulette secret revealed A Roulette playing mathematician famous all over the world for successfully turning the odds against the house has broken his decades-long silence on how he managed the feat. Back in the 1970s Doyne Farmer was still a student and used the world's first portable computer to win...

Slingshot roulette shooting to success

Posted by Dan Buckley on the 6th of September

Slingshot roulette firing its way to popularity Roulette's immense popularity has inevitably resulted in a number of variations to the traditional game. One of these is slingshot roulette, in which the ball is self powered by a gust of air. This removes any chance of bias on the wheel, even accidental...