Slingshot roulette shooting to success

Slingshot roulette firing its way to popularity

Roulette's immense popularity has inevitably resulted in a number of variations to the traditional game. One of these is slingshot roulette, in which the ball is self powered by a gust of air. This removes any chance of bias on the wheel, even accidental bias as a result of the operator's mannerisms.

Players who prefer slingshot roulette list the completely unbiased gameplay as one of the major benefits. While online roulette is completely random anyway, there is still the possibility of an operator unwittingly affecting the outcome in an offline casino by the way they spin the ball.

Slingshot roulette also allows a player to bet far more frequently, a machine never has to swap operator or have a break. This means you can get going with your slingshot gameplay as soon as you're ready to put your chips on the line and will never have to wait for your casino action.

While the traditional casino experience is very much focused around the excitement of the operator spinning the ball, slingshot roulette shows that this can be taken away from the game without losing the entertainment value.

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