Online roulette

How to play online roulette

screenshotPlaying roulette online is much the same as playing in a casino. Simply lay your bets on whatever you wish with a few clicks of the mouse, and wait to see where the ball ends up. You can experience all the thrills of the table without having to leave the comfort of your own home.

What is Slingshot Roulette?

Normally, the roulette ball is sent on its journey by power of the human hand, but Slingshot Roulette offers something a little bit different. Here the ball is released by a computerised launcher, which acts much like a slingshot to fling the ball out into the wheel. As you may have guessed, this feature is what gives the game its name.

Some players argue that this actually makes for a truly fair roulette experience, as each ball is released in exactly the same fashion at the same speed. It also means faster gameplay, with some Slingshot Roulette sites squeezing 100 spins into one hour. Many sites offer live play, so whilst the ball is controlled by a machine you can be confident that the outcome of your game isn't at the whim of pre-recordings that could potentially be tampered with.

Roulette betting

That aside, the rules of Slingshot Roulette are the same as in the classic format, with all the same bets available. Stay on the outside bets for a greater chance of winning; simply choose either red or black, high or low, odd or even and see if your 50-50 shot comes off.

Alternatively, go for a potentially larger win by betting on the individual numbers. Just be sure to cover that pesky zero.

If you're feeling really confident about your lucky number, you can try for a 'complete' bet. For example, if you have a good feeling about number 29, you can bet on the number itself, black, odd and the low numbers.